You may not get paid in the traditional “paycheck” way as a member of the volunteer fire/EMS service, but the true benefits are countless — including a retirement program, tax incentives, free training, camaraderie, a new second family and more. Take a look at the benefits of becoming a volunteer in Prince George’s County below.

Your New Second Family

When you walk in the door of a volunteer firehouse in Prince George’s County, you’ll be home. You are not just a volunteer with a great organization with an important mission serving the community. You’ll find a second family waiting for you. Give back to your community in the process — neighbors helping neighbors.

Retirement & Tax Incentives

You may be a volunteer but that doesn’t mean there are not financial incentives. Maryland residents receive a $4,000 tax credit after three years of active service with a volunteer fire/EMS department in Prince George’s County. Plus, active members with 25 years of active duty are afforded a generous annual retirement program with monthly benefits.

Free Training

Whether you have tons of fire/ems experience or a rookie fresh to public safety, we offer numerous basic to advanced fire, rescue, EMS & leadership courses through county, state and federal programs as well as our own. These courses are free of charge to active members of the department and offer opportunity for progression through our operational roles and ranks. Classes are conveniently located throughout Prince George’s County and the region, with schedules to meet just about anyone’s needs — including nights and weekends.

Tuition Reimbursement Programs

Several tuition reimbursement programs are offered to volunteers. They include the Charles W. Riley Fire & Emergency Medical Services Tuition Reimbursement Program and the Katha T. Parrish Memorial Scholarship Fund of the PGCVF&RA Ladies Auxiliary. More information on these programs, which cover a wide variety of higher education costs, can be provided upon request.

More Benefits

Our volunteer fire/EMS departments offer a variety of unique benefits ranging from in-station bunkroom programs, which allow trained Firefighter/EMTs to live at the firehouse full-time in exchange for providing service to the community to more tuition reimbursement options, flexible shifts, members events and more. Browse departments here to see what benefits your firehouse offers.

Contact Our Recruiter

Looking for information on joining a local volunteer fire/EMS department? search listings here or complete our short form below and our county recruiter will contact you, typically within 2-3 business days. You can also email [email protected]

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