Note: Due to the current health emergency, there are very specific instructions for printing. Please read the below FULLY before booking your appointment. If you miss an appointment, or do not bring the correct information, you may have significant delays in rebooking.

Once you are FULLY ready with your COMPLETED county application (including the main application, notarized form, photos and any additional required paperwork requested, you’ll be able to schedule your application review and fingerprinting. The location is in Landover Hills, MD and will be provided to you upon confirmation.

Only use this form if YOUR department has requested you book online with the county fingerprint team. Some departments have their own application processes and/or fingerprinting team who will manage your appointment separately with you. If you are not sure, ASK your department’s recruitment contact FIRST before scheduling your appointment.

The following information about your appointment is applicable. You will be turned away if you do not meet these requirements:

  • Masks are required, no exceptions
  • Applicant must have the completed new application packet, no exceptions. Anyone arriving for an appointment without a completed packet will be turned away. No old application packets will be accepted

When You Arrive for Your Appointment – Follow These SPECIFIC Instructions Based on Your Appointment Time

Upon arrival at the Fire Services Building at 6820 Webster St, Landover Hills, MD 20784, the applicant will:

  • Weekday Appointments (Tue/Thur 9a-3p): Remain in your car & call the Fire Commission office at 301-583-1914. The live scan operator will meet the applicant at the front door & escort them to the live scan fingerprint station. The applicant must have a face mask and be the only person to the enter the building.
  • Evening & Weekend Appointments (4pm & later on Weekdays, all Weekends): Come to the front door of the building and wait for the fingerprint team member to come get you, you may ring the bell if needed if no one has come to get you at the time of your appointment. The applicant must have a face mask and be the only person to the enter the building.