We’ve listed some common questions below — a list we’ll be adding to regularly. Be sure to browse our benefits, opportunities, first steps and why volunteer sections for detailed information on becoming a volunteer Firefighter/EMT, EMT, Paramedic, Administrative, Support or Auxiliary volunteer in Prince George’s County. Can’t find the answer(s) you are looking for? Please email [email protected]

Generally speaking, it takes 1-3 months to complete the application process with a volunteer department. This process includes connecting with the recruiter at your desired firehouse, conducting a full background check and physical, plus initial training. You’ll then be eligible to become an operational member of your department, begin training and fully participate. For more details on the initial steps, check out our First Steps page.

Becoming a volunteer is a serious commitment — but we ensure it’s as flexible as possible to fit in with and work around your day to day life. This includes training that is conveniently scheduled on nights and weekends at locations throughout the area, flexible duty shift schedules and more. A new recruit without any training can expect to spend 300-400 hours their first year going through the process, initial training, events and more. Check with your recruiter for specifics to your chosen department.

Absolutely not. All training required to become a volunteer Firefighter/EMT or EMT is provided FREE of charge through various county and state programs. There are dozens of courses available once you complete the core Firefighter and EMT training — including hazardous materials, specialized rescue and beyond. Check with your department’s recruiter for more information.

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